Why Win/Loss Reporting is Essential

Vendors of E/CTRM software operate in fast moving and highly challenging markets. Buyer requirements are shifting and changing all of the time as customers seek new ways to make or protect profits and respond to their shifting regulatory, technical and business environments. It’s also really competitive with many solutions on the market that at least sound like they can do the job. Even acquisition hasn’t helped in the competitive arena as ION, for example, still offer all of its platforms – none have been end of lifed. The favorite way to procure software remains the RFP – although things are changing there. None the less, selling and marketing is expensive and time consuming. Months can be spent chasing an opportunity only for it to be lost to a competitor. Margins for vendors can also be very thin and as one person I spoke to recently put it, the industry is replete with ‘ vendors losing money and looking to be acquired.’ It makes it all the more critical that vendors make the most of their opportunities to be the best that they can be. One way to do that is to conduct win/loss reporting. It seems a logical thing to… continue reading
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