Why Won’t the RFP Just Won’t go Away?

I was looking through our archives today for an idea to write about and came across an article from 2014 called RIP RFP? The idea behind the blog was that as CTRM moved to the cloud, perhaps the RFP might no longer be needed and instead selection could be fast tracked a bit? As I wrote in March 2014….. So what’s the alternatives? Perhaps the best way to select software is by actually seeing a demonstration and getting hands on. In the cloud solutions (and even if you are leaning towards on premises, traditional, your vendor almost certainly has an in the cloud variant) can be made available, on trial, in minutes, so wouldn’t a short trial be a better approach? Perhaps this puts the emphasis back on those reluctant end users but it’s their system so by forcing them to get involved in a hands on manner as opposed to talking requirements with a consultant, perhaps you reduce the risk of a bad decision? There is still a good role for the consultants too. Plainly, you still have to understand the solution landscape and narrow that down to a manageable number of demonstrations, which in turn can result in… continue reading
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