Will Corona crater the CTRM market?

In 2014, the commodities markets pretty much collapsed, with the composite commodities price index falling by 38% between June 2014 and February 2015.  While the impact on sales of new CTRM systems wasn’t felt immediately, the market for new licenses started to shrink by the second quarter of 2015 as more commodity traders and producers slashed spending in response to persistently low prices. By the end of 2016, almost all vendors recorded (some significantly) lower new system sales than in previous years. In our 2017 CTRM Market Sizing report, we noted the total market spending for CTRM systems (including new licenses, support & maintenance, services and implementation consulting) fell from about $1.65B in 2014 to $1.59B in 2015 and then to $1.48B in 2016.  While the market did recover somewhat in 2017, finishing up at $1.55B, the impact of the 2014 collapse took years to fully recover from. Now in 2020, with the cornavirus global pandemic setting in, coupled with the collapse of the OPEC+ production agreements, commodity prices are down by some 18% from the first of the year and seem destined to fall even farther as economies around the world are grinding to a near halt, at least… continue reading
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