Will the Trade Deal Help Commodities?

Part One of the US-China trade deal has been signed. It’s a strange thing but there didn’t seem to be much coverage of this temporary ceasing of US-China trade hostilities? At this point, I can’t resist making an observation that some may view as political, but it is just an observation that – given the mainstream media’s lack of coverage of this fact, I actually had to Google this to be sure it had in fact happened at all! In Googling the story I also discovered that, in fact, the majority of those mainstream media stories that I could find were not focused on what the trade deal provided for but rather what it did not and, in several instances, the media stories were aimed at belittling the deal in the sense of China couldn’t possibly buy that much from the US and that there is as yet no evidence it is buying… Is it just me that finds this strange? Anyway, yesterday China announced that its economy grew 6.1%, in line with expectations. According to one article by CNBC quoting largely Reuters sources, China said Friday its economy grew by 6.1% in 2019, meeting expectations even amid a trade dispute with the U.S.… continue reading
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