Working From Home

In the last few days, the idea of working at home as become a real proposition for many and some firms have already asked their employees to stay at home. I have worked from home for many years now and really like it. However, for companies who now ask employees to work at home, this adds some demands to systems and especially the E/CTRM solution being used. Access to the system to continue to conduct your job suddenly becomes potentially more difficult especially if the system is an older solution lacking a web-based UI. Screen scraping solutions do exist of course to get around such issues. Security becomes another concern and ensuring that the solution has adequate security in terms of login and so forth will also be a consideration. So having secure, stable access to the tools to do your job is a primary concern and the E/CTRM will be a big part of that. Perhaps this sort of a scenario has been thought of in terms of business continuity testing? Perhaps everything is set up and ready to go? The chances are it wasn’t and it isn’t and so there will be some teething issues around system access… continue reading
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