You Use a CTRM? Give us Your Opinions?

There is still time to give us your views on CTRM vendors via the Vendor Perception Study that we do every two years. If you use or have used CTRM software (or CM or ETRM or similar), we would like to have your input in our short survey – it takes no more than 7 minutes to complete – and it will help us produce an update version of the Vendor Perception Report that you will be able to download for free from this site once it is completed.     Since the last time we did the survey, there have been many shifts among vendors, Ion has acquired many leading brands like Allegro, OpenLink and Aspect, and probably still has the largest installed base. But acquiring vendors and products is often fraught with unexpected challenges so how it is it doing? SAP has emerged as a real force to be reckoned with with its Commodity Management app winning customers in Ags & softs and oil in particular but in all commodities generally, and may be challenging Ion for the top spot in some segments and commodities? Is it? Other vendors – especially those on more modern technology stacks and… continue reading

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