Critical Success Factors in Implementing CTRM Software – CTRMRadio Episode 30

An ETRM / CTRM software acquisition and implementations can impact the entirety of a wholesale commodity-centric company and are a very significant investment in terms of cost and effort required to realize the benefits first envisioned when purchasing the system.

Given those costs, and the risks involved should the project fail in part or whole, in this episode of CTRMRadio we’re discussing the top critical success factors to consider when selecting and implementing CTRM software. Our panel includes four highly experienced experts, three from consulting firms that specialize in selecting and implementing these systems, including Lance Laubach of Essentia Advisory Partners, Martin Hillers with FORRS, and Glen Ragland with Capco; and one from a leading software vendor, KR with iRely.

We thank each for their participation and you for listening. Please do like and share this podcast if you found it useful.

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