What’s Behind the Metals CTRM and CM Software Explosion – CTRMRadio 37

Amphora’s recent announcement of Alchemy – a new concentrates solution – was the latest in a series of new entries into the metal CTRM and CM space. From a situation where most metals companies had a choice of two or three potential solutions, we now appear to have a growing and varied list of potential solutions. What’s driving that explosion of metals-related solutions and are these solutions really up to the job?

We talked to Amphora’s David Glasspool to learn a bit about Alchemy and what the opportunity that it sees looks like and then we talked to some of the other vendors in the space including Brain Collins of Commodity Engineering whose Balsamo is a metals solution, Lance Fogtman at ION, which markets a number of solutions capable of handling various aspects of metals but whose Aspect platform appears to be doing remarkably well in the space and finally, Patrick spoke to Edward Porter of Eka, another long-term provider of metals CTRM and CM solutions.

For a full and complete list of the diverse world of metals solutions, please visit the CTRMCenter.com directory – www.ctrmcenter.com/resources/ where you will find a continually update list of vendors and products searchable by various criteria.

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