Beacon, Invensoft and Kyos Sponsor ComTech Disruptive Technology Study

23 February 2021

ComTech has launched a new research study into disruptive technologies in commodities. We are pleased to announce that Beacon, Invensoft, and Kyos have very kindly agreed to sponsor this research and we thank these companies for their support. SAP will also support the study as an advertiser.

Back in 2018, ComTech released its definitive report on disruptive technology in commodity trading that concluded the cloud would likely be the most disruptive technology followed by others such as advanced data management, AI, and ML. Blockchain was seen as some way off despite the hype that surrounded it at that time. Given the current state of the market, the study’s results do seem to have been surprisingly accurate in almost all respects. As we enter 2021, digitalization is a key driver of pushing CTRM to the cloud, likely marking the beginning of the end of the monolithic CTRM solution as ecosystems emerge as a viable architecture. We also see widespread adoption of AI, ML, and automation, along with advanced workflow capabilities to help streamline processes. Blockchain largely remains in proof of concepts, though with a few emerging commercial developments.

Where is the industry now with respect to these emerging and disruptive technologies? Will blockchain finally emerge in a widespread sense? Where are AI and ML being practically applied, and where will it find additional fertile ground? What other technologies might emerge in the future to play a part in commodity trading and risk management?

The study is still open to sponsors and advertisements can also be placed in the final study report though we have limited openings now. If interested, please do contact us.

Meanwhile, a part of the study are some questions for end-users that we would like you to consider responding to. These may be found here.