Commodity Technology Advisory Innovates with Commodity Technology – Focused Podcast Series – CTRMRadio

Monthly Talk, Discussion and Analysis of Commodity Technologies

Houston, TX, USA and Prague, Czech Republic, April 5, 2018. Commodity Technology Advisory (ComTech Advisory), the leading analyst firm for energy and commodity trading and risk management (E/CTRM) technologies, has launched an innovative monthly podcast series called CTRMRadio – a part of the CTRMCenter. CTRMradio will feature interviews, analysis, and insights into technology and business trends in the commodity trading and risk management industry. It is available via multiple channels including, Soundcloud and iTunes. The first two CTRMradio podcasts are now available at all download locations including

The initial episode examined the top three trends in commodity technology for 2018 featuring interviews with Mr. Tim Rogers of Contigo, Mr. Jan van den Brom of Agiboo, Mr. Steve Hughes of Aspect, Mr. arnt Sollie of Powel and a discussion between ComTech partners Patrick Reames and Dr. Gary M. Vasey. The second editions focused on CTRM in the Cloud featuring Dr. Markus Seiser of FIS Energy, Mr.Mark Hill, CEO of ValueCreed, Mr. Samir Soleja, Founder and CEO of Molecule Software, Mr. Jose Tumkaya of Commoditech Ventures and Mr. Steve Hughes, CEO of Aspect in discovering more about CTRM in the Cloud.

“Podcasting is another way to bring quality research, views and analysis around commodity technologies to the industry,” said Dr. Gary M. Vasey, Managing Partner, Commodity Technology Advisory LLC. “We think that CTRMradio podcasts are an innovative and unique way to deliver news, opinions and insights to our audience.”

“We’re pleased to be able to provide another channel of communication to the industry and hope that CTRMRadio will become a regular and reliable source of information for buyers, users and providers of CTRM technology,” said Patrick Reames, Founder & Managing Partner, Commodity Technology Advisory LLC..

About Commodity Technology Advisory

Commodity Technology Advisory (ComTech Advisory) is the leading analyst organization covering the Energy and Commodity Trading and Risk Management (E/CTRM) technology markets. Led by Patrick Reames and Dr. Gary M. Vasey, ComTech Advisory provides invaluable insights, backed by primary research and decades of experience, into the issues and trends affecting both the users and providers of the applications and services that are crucial for success in markets constantly roiled by globalization, regulation and innovation. For more information, visit