CTRMCenter Sponsors New Podcast Miniseries on ETRM from Insider’s Guide to Energy

10 January 2022

Many of you on the energy side of things will be listening to the excellent podcast – Insider’s Guide to Energy. For those of you that are still unfamiliar, this podcast series, “addresses current and emerging challenges business executives face daily through stories shared from peers and industry experts while covering topics such as innovation, disruptive technologies, and emerging trends.” Hosted by Chris Sass and Johan Oberg, the podcast, like our own CTRMRadio podcast, is available on every streaming platform including Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple and so on and it has developed a strong audience over its 53 episodes to date.

Recently, Insider’s Guide to Energy talked to us about a miniseries focused on ETRM spotlighting some of the various vendors in the space. Running between January 10th and February 8th, 2022, the series will provide a platform for 13 ETRM software vendors over 13 episodes. Each will face the same set of questions thus providing an ability to compare and contrast responses, offerings and approaches. As stated on the website, “Insider’s Guide to Energy (IGTE) podcast brings you the ETRM Mini-Series as a resource for all those interested in the latest developments and trends around Energy Trade and Risk Management (ETRM) systems. Each vendor has their own episode to share market thoughts, specifics on their solution, and a speed round where all vendors answer the same ten questions on the fly. The resulting ETRM Mini-Series is a powerful tool highlighting the state of ETRM today and where it is headed in 2022.” As a result, CTRMCenter is proudly sponsoring the series and will be hosting links to all of the episodes in the Series directly from CTRMCenter.

I spoke to Chris Sass recently to gain greater insights into the initiative. “Insider’s Guide to Energy Podcast is pleased deliver the ETRM miniseries. It is our first educational deep dive into a topic which is getting a lot of attention from traders and vendors alike. So many folks have told me they are migrating and upgrading their ETRM solution that I took it as a call to action to get a holistic understanding of why now,” he told me. “I believe it is valuable to hear vendors tell their own stories in their own voice. After listening to the IGTE ETRM miniseries, traders will have a first-hand comparison of the leading ETRM vendors.” The complete program can be found at the Insider’s Guide to Energy website.

We are happy to be involved in this initiative as the leading independent analysts in the space and will be offering our own insights into the space generally. To that end, Commodity Technology Advisory’s Patrick Reames will also be joining hosts Chris Sass and Martin Hiller on the main podcast to share his prospective on where the E/CTRM market is today and where he believes it should be going. “Vendors certainly understand the market but have different constraints than an independent advisory firm,”said Chris.We will alert you to when that episode is released.

For those interested in ETRM, however, “differentiation of ETRM systems and the companies providing solutions is easily discerned by listening to each vendor share both their understanding of the current market conditions and their proposed solutions offered in 2022.” Watch out for all 13 episodes right here on CTRMCenter.com as well as over on the miniseries’ webpages. Combine that listen with the CTRM Sourcebook available on CTRMCenter for a complete and thorough overview of the vendors and product offerings.