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EKA has quickly moved into the Upper Echelon of the CTRM Markets

EKA Software Solutions, with the recent announcement of their investment in Australia-based Matrix Group, has now built a base of products, personnel and revenues that has separated the company from the mid-tier physical-capable CTRM vendor pack and moved them into a select group of vendors – those with...
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CTRM for Ags is a Competitive Space

To my utter amazement I was able to come up with twenty-five different CTRM solutions for Ags and I will be honest, its not inconceivable that I missed a few! If you pop over to the CTRMCenter directory you can check out my assertion by looking at all...
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Aspect Enterprise Solutions Notches First Win in Ags

Aspect Enterprise Solutions, having established themselves in the last couple of years as the leader in SaaS delivered CTRM solutions for oil trading, announced last week that they have signed their first customer in the Ags/Softs space.  According to their press release, the company signed-up Switzerland-based  Soyuz Commodities...
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