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Agiboo Sees Increased Market activity

Jan van den Brom, managing partner at Agiboo, has noted a significant uptick in inquiries, demonstration requests, and buying processes since the beginning of the year. “I would say activity levels have doubled or even tripled so far this year,” Mr. van den Brom told me. The interest...
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Commodity Technology Interviews Mr. Jan van den Brom of Agiboo

Last week Patrick and I both spent most of the week in and around EWorld in Essen. On the Monday, we were delighted to welcome Mr. Jan van den Brom, CEO of Agiboo, BV who took the time to come and visit with us in Dusseldorf. Agiboo is...
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Mr. Jan van den Brom – CEO, Agiboo

In this edition of ComTech Advisory’s series of Conversations with Leaders in CTRM Technology, Gary Vasey visits with Mr. Jan van den Brom about the genesis of his company and its product, Agiblocks, and their innovative approaches in selling and deployment....
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