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Trends in Technology

ComTechAdvisory: What is Contigo seeing in terms of uptake of the ETRM in cloud and what are the benefits of such an approach? Adrian Bullock: We are seeing strong interest in implementing in the cloud from both small and bigger players. Over 80% of our contracts signed in the...
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Kynetix explains Distributed Ledger Technologies and its future

ComTechAdvisory: What is Kynetix interest in Blockchain technologies? Scott Riley: There are three primary drivers to Kynetix’s interest in DLT...
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ETRM in a Low Commodity Price Environment

The collapse in wholesale energy prices, which began in earnest mid-year 2014, has resulted in a prolonged period of declining profits, declining trading volumes, bankruptcies in the up-stream markets, and a general malaise in the global wholesale energy markets. Though low prices are a benefit for consumers, this...
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