Phlo Systems Sees Increased Interest in Traceability Driving Opportunity

Talking with many vendors in the CTRM and related software space, one area that is causing prospective buyers to scan the market for solutions is the drive for extra traceability because of a variety of current and planned regulations and legislation around issues like sustainability and food traceability, for example the forthcoming EUDR (for deforestation. The EU is increasingly becoming vigilant about traceability across a wide variety of commodities and finished good (see for example those listed at The US is also increasingly vigilant in similar areas around imports of commodities and goods seeking to ensure that a variety of environmental and social standards are met and complied with. Increasingly, the current legislation and planned enhancements of it, come with teeth in the form of hefty fines and the potential for brand damage. Companies are waking up to the need to do a much better job in tracking and tracing commodities and looking at their CTRM, ERP and Commodity Management solutions to provide that functionality. Many are finding that their legacy solutions do not offer the depth of functionality required and are therefore faced with doing nothing until they really must or engaging in expensive and time-consuming enhancements and… continue reading