Blockchain – Solution or Dead End?

Blockchain. The word seems to be everywhere at the moment. Not a day goes by without an announcement of a Proof of Concept or Pilot somewhere using blockchain. I don’t know. Call me an old cynic if you will but when something is so hyped as blockchain is right now, I generally steer clear. It’s like the origin of blockchain – cryptocurrency. My accountant suggested I invest last week. No thanks. If there were a boat, I missed it already and anyway, anything that has its creation limited by a few people who keep changing the algorithms to ensure continued  tight supply strikes me as another Ponzi scheme that eventually will unravel (well, Oil and OPEC never did so maybe Im wrong there). OK, I digress. Blockchain – or distributed ledger technology. To me its a fit for OTC and exchange trading and for anywhere where transfer of ownership has to be guaranteed and to be trustworthy and secure. It may also open up some previously unthought of opportunities for innovation but replace CTRM? I don’t think so. Too expensive, unproven, slow and so on. Yes, I know its technology and I am aware of Moore’s Law as well. The
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