FIS ENERGY is Looking Back To a Successful 2023

I recently had a conversation with Harshad Kolpyakwar, the head of Energy Business at FIS®, and he was proud to share our 2023 successes in supporting our Energy sector clients. Energy companies have a wide array of options when it comes to FIS solutions, but there are three designed specifically for energy companies: FIS Energy Trading and Logistics Platform, FIS Energy Portfolio Management and FIS Market Data Analyzer. All three solutions have reported successful outcomes in 2023. Let’s start with the flagship solution: FIS Energy Trading and Logistics Platform. There have been notable additions to its customer portfolio in EMEA, with German and French energy companies as well as in North America with a Canadian and a US company selecting the solution.  These companies are extensively involved in multicommodity trading covering gas, power, oil, coal, district heat, carbon derivatives and even hydrogen. Notably, 2023 marked the year where tenders start to require coverage for hydrogen as a commodity—including its production, storage and distribution—and Harshad was happy to report that FIS proved capable of meeting these requirements. The success of the FIS Trading and Logistics Platform can be attributed to recent years’ technical innovations and flexibility, allowing the modeling of complex… continue reading

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