Square Four Steps Out

Last week I spoke, for the first time, to Square Four SA, a Geneva-based vendor (it markets the Nova Trading System) that has long been on our radar screen. Square Four SA has been in business since 2001 and was conceived even prior to  that date, I was informed, so it is already a long-term player in CTRM software. The vendor is plainly seeking to raise its profile and accessibility having sold its software solution on a recommendation basis only in the past. It started out in the oil space but has evolved to cover natural gas, and ags & softs like grains, sugar and so on via its software – Nova.  It does not support electric power nor minerals, they said. It and its team are all based in Geneva, and I spoke with Eric Vouaillat, Founder & CEO, and Brice Cesbron, Project and Account manager, to learn more. A visit to its website reveals an all-new website with a lot of useful information about the company and its software and services. A new website isn’t all however, as the company is also rolling out its latest .Net version of The Nova Trading System module by module with the… continue reading

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