Commodities Engineering Says Balsamo is Ready for the Broader Market

Back in late 2018, I had a briefing and demonstration from Commodities Engineering of its Balsamo software product. Last week, we got an update on the company and its product. Now 10-years into its mission, Commodities Engineering has been adding customers and functionality to its platform, which is frankly, rather impressive. Several customers now use the software and have aided Commodities Engineering in rounding out Balsamo’s functionality to the point where it is now more than ready to go to market with the software. Balsamo is more than a CTRM solution as it tracks the entire supply chain and it is essentially a Commodity Management solution with true trade management functionality. “Balsamo is designed to handle the full trade life cycle of the most complex commodities: Raw materials, Refined, Scrap, Concentrates, Precious metals, but also most simpler ones as well,” Gergely Rosta, Commercial Director, told us. Indeed, the solution utilizes the most modern technologies and modular architecture for ease of deployment and scalability. It is a web-based, Java12 solution available in the public or private cloud designed for “maximum calculation performance and data security,” says CEO and founder, Jerome Seguin. Commodities Engineering offers the software on a variety of commercial… continue reading

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