Concord Resources Rolling Out Gen10 Commodity Manager for Metals and Concentrates

A few months ago, after talking with Gen10, I wrote about the broadening choice in metals for CTRM. Recently, I got an update and learned that Gen10 has been working extensively with Concord Resources to implement its Commodity Manager solution for refined metals and concentrates. I spoke with Gen10’s Gustaf Dyrssen to learn more. Mr. Dyrssen told me that, as an ex-trader, he was familiar with many of the current solutions on the market in the metals space, but that he believed that the integrated workflow integral to the Gen10 Commodity Manager was a clear differentiator. “It not only allows you to define different automated rules and roles, approval levels, events, and notifications but it also ultimately maximizes your trading and operation speed without losing track of positions. It can help to transform trading and operations into a highly-focused team effort where positions are reconciled in real-time.” In fact, he has just written his own blog on the metals solution over at Gen10’s website and will be penning a mini-series on digital transformation in metals covering topics such as, Optionality and Visibility: helping create new opportunities, dynamic pricing and premiums, Support for Assays, Accounting, and Auditing, Efficient Operations: Less typing,… continue reading
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