CTRMRadio – M&A in the CTRM Industry

Our new monthly podcast series has proven to be quite popular and is getting a lot of listeners so we hope this month’s edition on M&A in CTRM will entice an increasing number of listeners. The 3rd edition of the monthly Podcast series from Commodity Technology Advisory LLC reviews some of the M&A activity in the CTRM software space, both recently and historically, and looks forward to how factors such as emerging technologies might shape the future landscape of CTRM vendors. The edition’s host, Patrick Reames, discusses these topics with industry executives Ken Knowles of OpenLink and Frank Brienze of Allegro, while Gary Vasey speaks with Brady’s Libby Koehn. You can find CTRMRadio episodes on the site under ‘media’ and we issue new ones at a pace of about once a month. If you have an interesting idea of a topic to cover – do let us know.
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