Data Scientist to Present at CTRM Conference

We are pleased to announce that Moritz Volland, PhD, will be presenting at the CTRM Conference on October 5th in Amsterdam. Dr. Volland will present on New Insights Through Unstructured Data: News Analytics in Commodity Market Trading Models.. Mortiz is a Data Scientist at DataGenic, a leading provider of data management for commodity market participants; With a background in big data management, network analysis, machine learning, statistics and language processing, the current project involves designing and developing products that can provide new insights for commodity trading models. He will talk about the following; New information has always played a key role in financial markets, impacting on volumes of trade, stock returns and volatility of prices. Consequently, news has always been a key source of investment information. With the growth of the Internet, the amount of readily available information has grown exponentially. The enormity and high variance of this data presents an interesting opportunity for harnessing it into a form that allows for specific market predictions. Natural Language Processing (NLP), Sentiment Analysis and Machine Learning are widely recognised as the key tools in transforming the plethora of available news into meaningful information. By combining these tools, we can extract and structure
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