E-World Extremely Busy

I spent yesterday at E-World in Essen only returning home this afternoon. Yesterday was the first day of E-World and it was absolutely mobbed! There were far more people there and far more activity than I have seen in quite some time, and the vendors that I spoke to all seemed very happy with the show and the traffic. Many reported all demonstration areas fully booked for the entire show. I managed to rack up 10.4km according to my Garmin watch and, given the muggy afternoon, was quite relieved to grab one of the many beers and other beverages flowing by day’s end. I had to leave in the early evening to start my journey back, but I think there was a good party atmosphere last night and likely many sore heads this morning to boot. I did my usual round of all the ETRM/CTRM and Risk vendors that this year included a couple of newcomers, bumped into many colleagues some of whom I had not seen in some time, and generally enjoyed the day immensely. I suspect many others shared my view as the atmosphere was extremely vivacious and there was a real buzz around the exhibition center. This… continue reading

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