Enegen Adding New Customers

Current energy conditions in the GB market are in the news daily, muses David Calmonson of Enegen, yet they encourage more companies to look at the balancing mechanism as a lucrative revenue stream, he says. The result has been to create many more prospects for Enegen’s software, but many are merely looking at this point lacking the time to engage as they try to make money in volatile and difficult markets. None the less, Enegen have done very well in recent months and gained five new projects in December 2021 for its range of products like Genstar4, Atom and Energyflow. “It’s going well business-wise right now,” he said. The pipeline is full of opportunities both for Genstar4 and ATOM. On the product side, Enegen is also hard at work adding battery functionality to ATOM and developing an EPEX adapter for that software. It is also busy on Quasar, a new software product that will be delivered as SaaS with minimum sign-up requirements. The battery functionality is seen as very useful and should expand the interest in the ATOM software, he told me. ATOM is a software solution that addresses the challenges of trade optimisation and asset scheduling and is available… continue reading

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