FERDEC and Trade Surveillance

There are a host of consultancy companies that are focused on the various aspects of commodity trading and CTRM Software, and occasionally one of them morphs into becoming a software vendor. FERDEC, a German-based consultancy, now in its 5th year of business was founded as a very specific consultancy in the ETRM market, its Managing Director, Mr. Christian Endter told me recently. They started the business specifically to focus on various services that they felt were not provided by many of the established and larger consulting companies at the time. This included services in areas around risk and project quality management advising clients on various risk models, how to select software, and manage implementation projects successfully, and so on. “Usually, the players involved in a project are non-neutral,” Mr. Endter explained. “All have a mutual interest in delivering the project but there are also conflicts between the various groups that need to be managed and FERDEC can be the neutral party that helps steer everyone through the process.” Mr. Endter explained how this can also be extended into the software selection process where there may be differences in understanding requirements and also the ‘generic’ RFP to sort through and reduce
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FERDEC and Trade Surveillance. This article appeared first on CTRM Center.