It’s Awards Time Again

And therefore time to roll out my annual thoughts on the banality of awards when it comes to CTRM software…. For those who do not know, some awards are simply paid advertising. My evidence for this are the various emails we receive from various publications telling us how, if we just offer x,000 USD fee, we will be listed as one of the top 10 analyst companies in commodities. The last email cited $10,000 actually and honestly, I don’t deem an award that has a fee attached an award. I see it as paid advertising. Now, let me be clear, the one’s offering this are not generally publication titles all of us would have a great deal of familiarity with either. They tend to be non-mainstream publications. None the less, there are also awards that are promoted as quite prestigious, yet they too are pay for play to a degree. In order to participate, you have to pay a fairly hefty fee and then submit a lot of information for analysis. I believe that the analysis performed is genuine and that the results are valid except for one small detail. If you didn’t pay to participate, you won’t be included… continue reading

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