NASDAQ Risk Platform Sees Massive Interest in its IM Capabilities

I spoke recently with Adrian Carr of NASDAQ Risk Platform who was keen to tell me about its initial margin (IM) capabilities. A fully-fledged cross-asset trade and risk system, NASDAQ Risk Platform includes IM calculations and forecasts what the margin call will be along with real-time P&L, stress testing and other key information. It further allows users to stress test a portfolio for IM and do what if trades to see their impact on IM as well. “We have been inundated with energy companies and producers that are interested in this functionality. Our Cloud deployed SaaS risk service allows us to onboard new customers very quickly and cost effectively” he told me. In our experience as analysts, few available commercial solutions come with an IM calculation capability and, given current market conditions, it is perhaps not surprising that one that does is of interest. “We seem to have a bit of a lead in this area,” Adrian said. “We are also going to build an offering called IM as a Service as SAAS because many inquiries don’t necessarily want an entire risk solution but are very keen for this functionality.” Customers would send in their portfolio and get back the… continue reading

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