No Sale Central

I think I write this post pretty much every year. This year, it comes as a result of trying to notify a lot of vendors about the 2020 CTRM Sourcebook and also do a complete update of all listings in our online directory. What that means, is I literally visit every vendor’s website looking for the information I need to update the listing and in some instances, to find a contact to talk to about 2020 CTRM Sourcebook. While I have to say that there are some superb websites out there, there are a large number that honestly, I cannot fathom at all. One purpose of a website to to provide information on your business and products and to help develop inbound leads. You would think anyway! Once again, I found websites where, There are NO contact details at all to be found – no email address, no phone number and no address. OK, so what if I’m a potential buyer? Where the contact details are not obvious and difficult to find – If I’m a buyer and I’m busy, I’m not going to search your website looking for your contact, I will go elsewhere, Contact details are limited as… continue reading
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