SunGard Energy Targets Europe

A couple of weeks ago, I visited SunGard Energy in Vienna. I was keen to find out more about SunGard’s acquisition of Energeya in particular and the company’s European strategy. Dr. Markus Seiser, who is now global head of services and managing director of SunGard Energy, was on hand to discuss these and other questions. Dr. Seiser outlined SunGard Energy’s European strategy as moving down market tiers, expanding across the value chain and expanding the commodities the products serve. The Energeya acquisition, (finalized on March 2nd) he explained, met two of the above three criteria. Dr. Seiser sees the Aligne suite as a middle and top tier product and is more targeted at those companies with traders being front through to back office. The Energeya platform – being rebranded as SunGard XDM – provides a broader footprint with load forecasting, optimization, price forecasting and time series management in addition to front to back office functionality. Furthermore, it is ‘lighter’ architecturally and ideal for the bottom tier. The SunGard XDM then allows SunGard Energy to approach more price sensitive markets like Turkey or parts of eastern Europe, for example. Meanwhile, with XDM the company now has an opportunity to offer greater coverage … continue reading

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