Phlo Systems Cyber Security Services Help Address SaaS CTRM Cyber Security Questions.

In the world of SaaS software, security rightly remains a key concern for users and prospective users who want to be certain that their data and systems are secure in the cloud.  According to Saurabh Goyal, CEO at Phlo Systems, this question invariably comes up often from prospective users of its solutions.  However, Phlo has a history of being engaged in cyber security assessment projects to ensure that it can protect users from cyber threats, he told me. In fact, it is something it now offers as a service especially to smaller companies that don’t have the staff or competency internally to do such a project. Last year, for example, it worked with futures brokers in the USA that had been impacted by a ransomware issue. Phlo was asked to look at all SaaS-based solutions in use for vulnerabilities in the cyber security area. It came back with recommendations and fixes for many of the issues that it discovered. This and similar experiences have been used by Phlo to develop a service offering around cyber security assessments as well as focus on its own software. “We have actually become cyber security experts,” he said, because of doing these projects, and… continue reading