Reminder – New Book On CTRM Software

Last year, we published a new book called – CTRM Software: an Analyst View of a Dynamic Software Market. Over the last month or so, I have had many occasions to recommend it and it seems that the book isn’t as widely known about so I thought I would post a blog about it to try to change that. The book includes a lot of information about CTRM software but has a historical point of view that only two people who have been in E/CTRM since day one could offer. The book was kindly sponsored by Amphora and Enuit, and without that support, it would never have appeared so we thank them for that.  The book contains the following chapters..   Contents 1 – What is CTRM and Related Software 2 – The History of CTRM Software Products and Vendors 3- The Changing Vendor Landscape 4- Cloud and Ecosystems – A New Approach? 5 – Disruptive Technologies’ Impact on Commodities Technology 6 – Physical Commodities and Complexity 7 – The Evolution and Role of Risk Management 8- Selecting CTRM Software 9 – Implementing CTRM 10- Supporting CTRM Software 11- The Future of CTRM Software Appendix A – Sponsor Contributions Appendix… continue reading

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