Hitachi Energy Driving Towards a Comprehensive Energy Solution Set

Recently, I had a briefing from Hitachi Energy regarding its energy portfolio management unit. Michael Hinton heads up that business unit and it was he that briefed me starting with a bit of history in terms of how that business unit came to be. Hitachi Energy was a joint venture between ABB and Hitachi in which Hitachi eventually acquired 100% ownership however, when it comes to the CTRM and related software area, it also explains how Hitachi Energy ended up with such a diverse group of software products including products like nMarket and many other historically important software products (see Chapter 2 of our book – CTRM Software. An Analyst View of a Dynamic Software Market for more on this). Michael then took me through a comprehensive look at his part of the Hitachi Energy business sharing his vision for that business unit. Just for scale, Hitachi Energy has around 40,000 employees across 90 countries out of a total of 322,000 Hitachi employees. Michael’s Energy Portfolio Management (EPM) business unit for Hitachi Energy is also a sizeable player in the CTRM and related software area. The EPM business unit is formed of Advisory, Analytics and Operations areas and it has… continue reading