‘Scalable Commodity’ Pushes To The Cloud

I recently spoke with John Crew, Director at Scalable. Scalable provide a Commodity Management solution on the Microsoft AX platform. Scalable has been very busy working on a number of initiatives over the last several months including a major project to upgrade its On-Premise Scalable Commodity Solution to the In-the-Cloud – Azure Commodity Solution. “This was a big, big effort, and we released Scalable Commodity for the Cloud the same day as Microsoft launched Dynamics’ AX7 for the Azure Cloud back on the 7th of March,” he told us. “We are now also in the recently launched Microsoft Dynamics’ 365 cloud solution for download Apps.” Scalable has also been enhancing the AX2012 version and recently delivered its first presentation to a large US prospect of its CUBES and BI reporting using, in this instance, the MS Power BI tool. It has also completed phase I of Storage Contracts (Grain Elevators), and Phase II will be completed shortly in time for next release around the end of Q3, 2016, along with the more advanced BI reporting capability and dashboards. Also in R&D, Mr. Crew told us, is an advanced RCTI invoicing procedure and also Container Management and weigh bridge functionality. Scalable’s
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