Scalable on a Roll

Just recently, I had the opportunity to catch up with Mr. John Crew, Director at Scalable. Scalable has been delivering ERP solutions for the last 30-years across a wide range of industries and has developed a number of solutions such as Commodity Trading, Payroll, Rostering & Shift Management, Time Sheet Management, Rebates, Landed Cost and Production Scheduling & Sequencing modules to complement the ERP offering. Since 1999, it has specialized in Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP, the fastest growing ERP system in the world. The strength of Dynamics AX, their expertise in Dynamics AX, coupled with their ISV solutions like Commodity Trading, provides their customers across the globe with ‘gains in automated efficiencies, profitability and scalability, increasing the ROI on their investment and delivering best business practice’, according to its website. Scalable is one of a number of ERP suppliers that have extended their reach into commodity trading – something ComTech calls Commodity Management. Conversely of course, a number of CTRM vendors have begun to reach back into the supply chain and bite off bits of ERP functionality as it specifically relates to commodities. This has resulted in a broader set of choices for many buyers. Mr. Crew told me that Scalable has… continue reading
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