Talking FinTrade With Brady’s Yuriy Shcherbak

Yuriy Shcherbak works for Brady as a Senior Solutions Consultant for its Fintrade software product and has some interesting takes on the market and CTRM software in general. I spoke with him last week to discuss market trends. “Metals are currently the more volatile commodities (among those served by the software). We are seeing increased risk awareness and a desire to have better processes around price and risk management,” he told me. “On the ags side, traders often are less familiar with CTRM software and look for broader supply chain management type functionality.” Essentially, he sees that buyers are often driven by either wanting to improve risk or commodity management. However, the larger corporates may also be driven by, “internal re-organizations or internal improvement programs while smaller businesses often are driven to look for digitalization. Their current approach maybe Excel or paper-based solutions and they need to get onto a commercial solution,” he said. The differentiation between CTRM and CM software remains blurred. ComTech classifies CM as the combination of CTRM and ERP for commodities functionality, but these software types often get used interchangeably resulting in confusion. “Some companies seek CTRM software but will include other needs like inventory management… continue reading

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