The Expertise Drain

There is no doubt that many in the commodities trading and risk management industry are now reaching retirement age and exiting the business talking their expertise with them. While new people are entering the business of course, these are from a different generation with different expectations and beliefs around work habits, computer use and more. Those leaving are taking with them not just knowledge about how the business works but also about how it got to be that way. This historical perspective we believe is very important to many aspects of the business and it helps people not to make the same mistakes that were made in the past. The drain of expertise through retirement however, has many impacts in many areas, especially given that those replacing them have as we said, different expectations. This was one of the reasons that Patrick and I sat and wrote our book – CTRM Software: An Analyst View of a Dynamic Software Market. We wrote it with the persepctive of people who had been around since ETRM and CTRM software and similar first got defined. We followed the ups and downs and the journeys of so many solutions, vendors and users over the… continue reading

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