Vendor Perception Study In Prgress

So the vendor perception study is in progress in that we are asking users and consultants to fill out the survey that can be found here. The results – the resulting report – will be available as a free download from this site. The vendor perception study is important for two reasons. First, it gives us an idea about that buyers and influencers really think about vendors and software products and second, it tells us something about buying criteria and what buyers view as important. When you add a geographic and historic perspective to this meaning that we can see how this changes through time and varied by location, ot is truly fascinating information. For example, here is an excerpt from the 2022 VPS… Despite many solutions saying they are multicommodity/multimarket, it seems that many users rely on more than one CTRM solution to conduct their normal business operations. According to those answering the question, almost half of the respondents identified as users said that their firm utilized between two and five different CTRM solutions while 27% said they only used a single solution. Around 7% stated that they had more than five different CTRM solutions installed. This adds up… continue reading

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