Thoughts for A Thursday

Since my post on Monday, it has been quite a ride. Tomorrow, as I already stated is Friday the 13th, so goodness know how the work week will end? Coronovirus is now a pandemic – a word that isn’t so dissimilar to panic and there appears to be plenty of that going on. I’m still trying to figure the run on toilet roll myself. Meanwhile, lots of interesting marketing approaches from the various vendors that I have noted. Both Brady and Eka have used the Coronovirus theme to discuss the merits of credit risk and commodity management while yesterday, I wrote about Gen10 and its work from home policy commenting on its use of collaborative task management software to help cope. However, looking away from Coronvirus for the moment, there are some other initiatives I have noted this last week. Over the last 30+ years in this industry, I have often remarked how men dominate it. It has gotten a bit better in recent years and each year this becomes a little more obvious at large trade shows like E-World in Essen, for example. Most of the firms I have worked in over the years like TransEnergy, Sybase, and Ezpada,… continue reading
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