Topaz Platform Readied for Market

As they say, it never rains but pours, and this last couple of weeks has seen us get introduced to several new and emerging vendors. Yesterday, I spoke with Topaz Technology in London. Topaz was founded in 2015 by Jon Fox and colleagues. Jon is ex-Trafigura, and he knows the trading and risk business extremely well having held several roles during his career including working as a trader and risk manager, as well as on the technical side of things. Many of his Topaz colleagues have held a variety of similar roles. He has also worked with his fair share of CTRM solutions and never found one that he felt handled a cross-commodity business well in terms of trade and analytics in one solution, he told me. So, he started Topaz. Topaz has been busy building out its solution set and has been totally self-funded to date. The focus has been to build a true multi-commodity solution. It also focused on analytics in areas like options and physical optimization where he sees many CTRM’s as being very weak and requiring off-system tools like spreadsheets to manage things. Topaz has also taken advantage of the new technologies available these days as… continue reading

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