Unlocking the Potential of the FIS Energy Portfolio Manager

Not everyone may be aware that FIS Energy offers two solutions supporting end-to-end energy transactions. While the FIS Trading Risk and Logistics Platform is widely recognized as the flagship product, there’s also the Energy Portfolio Manager (EPM), which, being often overshadowed by its larger counterpart, may deserve more attention from the energy community. I recently met with Veronika Sprlakova, Subject Matter Expert from FIS, to discuss the capabilities of this solution, and they are quite interesting. I learned that recently the EPM solution went live with a major renewable energy producer and reseller, covering the entire lifecycle of complex Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and carbon derivatives across a large portfolio spanning multiple European countries. As Veronika mentioned, the strength of the solution lies in its flexibility to construct custom workflows, in its performance, and its cloud-native architecture. The Energy Portfolio Manager apparently successfully modeled workflows for renewable retail portfolios in four different countries, combining all their specific requirements on a single platform with centralized reporting. This project followed a four-month proof of concept phase, during which it demonstrated its capabilities and as Veronika said, is now ‘delivering on its promises.’ Veronika is convinced that now any other company in these… continue reading