Visiting with Hivedome

In amongst the marketing ‘noise’ in the CTRM software space are a few vendors that remain somewhat low key. One of those is Hivedome. Established in 1983, Hivedome has shown tremendous longevity in a category littered with mergers & acquisitions. Traditionally, Hivedome has relied more on ‘customer reference ’ than on media announcements and active promotion. A couple of days ago, I discussed Hivedome and the market with a couple of senior personnel – Nick Thomas, head of Hivedome Consulting and Sean Milton, Client Engagement. Hivedome got started in sugar initially and is still known for its expertise in that commodity. Its initial clients – mostly larger, top tier names – helped the company move into other commodities such as Coffee, Cocoa, Nuts and Spices and so on. These days, ITAS is being used for a wide array of agricultural and soft commodities having expanded in recent years into cotton, grains and oils. It also has an established presence in metals and liquid hydrocarbons platforms. ITAS – Integrated Trading & Accounting Solution- is used by around 35 companies today and has over 3,500 users globally. Many of these companies have deployed the solution across multiple desks, locations, and subsidiaries. ‘Their
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