What Happened to the Professional Press Announcement?

Back around 18-years ago, I ran a firm called VasMark Group Inc. It offered both PR and analyst/research services to software vendors and related firms in the energy space. It was eventually acquired by UtiliPoint, Inc. and became the TRM division of that analyst firm. The reason I mention this is that for a couple of years, VasMark Group was in the Top 10 PR firms in Houston, TX. That means that I wrote, edited and saw an awful lot of press announcements. Now, you can call me old fashioned (and I am at that stage in life when I probably am a bit!) but there is a well tried and tested, very effective format for writing press announcements. For me, press announcements need to follow that format and be clearly and well written in order to be effective. A press announcement is a piece of news delivered to the media with the attention of capturing journalistic interest such that a story is written about the firm and its news. A press release is also an opportunity to create or reinforce brand and brand promise using a standard template description of the firm and via repetition. All press releases should
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