Where is the CTRM replacement market?

Back in the days of TransEnergy in Houston, one of my key roles was to protect and defend our installed base. Invariably and at any point in time, one or two would be unhappy and threatening to go elsewhere. At first, I was quite niave and really expected to lose customers, but as time went by, I began to understand. It is a really hard thing to replace another vendor in E/CTRM. I was actually quite good at organizing TransEnergy around troubled customers (I think as I seemed to be given the job – or maybe no one else wanted to do it?) and getting those customers sorted by prioritizing resources, development and customer service. We had great and totally dedicated staff who worked hard to get customers on track, satisfied and happy. My job was simply to be the Exec on call who set up rescue projects and teams to get the customers prioritized. I and the team had a great record and we lost only one customer – more of which momentarily. We also spent much time sorting our rapidly growing business out to be more customer-focused and more methodized. I created an outline implementation methodology, for example.… continue reading
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