2022 ComTech Projects

As the year end rapidly approaches, we have been planning some activities for 2022. CTRM Market Sizing, Outlook and Trends The first thing we will be getting out will be the CTRM market sizing (Market Sizing, Outlook and Trends report). This has been our focus in the last few weeks and is well in hand though whether it gets released prior to year end we do not yet know. It still needs quite a bit or writing. This report is our only ‘for sale’ report and is widely sought after.   Trends in Commodity Risk Management We will also be launching a research project into Trends in Commodity Risk Management shortly. In fact, we will likely be sending out the prospectus next week seeking sponsors for the research and advertisers in the report when issued in Q3 2022. Commodity trading is fraught with risks of varying types. In recent years, the number of types of risks that businesses that trade, procure, consume of use commodities have increased considerably and now include not just price or market risk but also credit, regulatory, legal, political, operational, and other forms of risk. Moreover, the software used to track commodity transactions has also evolved considerably… continue reading

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