AgFlow’s Vision Enabler – CEO, Sacha Prost

Last week, I met with the new CEO of AgFlow, Sacha Prost, who has now been onboard around 6-months. His vision for the business is that AgFlow should become the leading agribusiness market intelligence company that helps its users do their jobs smartly and optimally. One of the first things that he did in working towards that objective was to revisit the pricing model, he told me. “The new pricing basically ensures that users pay only for what they use and is more granular. This means that smaller firms who desire access to only a certain set of data such as a specific commodity, find the pricing more amenable. It also provides larger firms with enhanced flexibility,” he said. “I want AgFlow to build relationships and this move alone has already had an impact on our churn rate.  AgFlow’s job is to portray what the market is doing for a commodity, INCO terms, Location or whatever the user is interested in.” The new commercial terms were well received, he told me. AgFlow is going beyond simple data provision, and this includes adding AI chatbots and Tableau integration, amongst other things, to get beyond providing something pre-defined to helping users solve… continue reading

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