Singa Associates Focus on CTRM Selection and Implementation

Our industry is one in which personal connections are important and recently I heard from someone I had worked with several years ago as you often do. Tony Chapman wrote to let me know he was with a consulting firm by the name of Singa Associates. Singa Associates is based in Switzerland, and it offers a variety of services to commodity trading firms. Founded by Valter Marques, CEO, it offers services such as software selection and implementation while trying to help clients maximize business value. I recently spoke to Valter and Tony to find out more about the firm. Valter started the firm around a decade ago after working in commodities – cotton specifically – and being involved in internal development of a CTRM solution. He started by getting involved in software selection and implementation and offered a service to review failed implementations. This looked at what went wrong and if these issues could be fixed and the project salvaged. In performing these kinds of services along with selections and implementations, Singa associates developed its own methodology for CTRM selection. “We developed an approach and a toolset to help select CTRM solutions that was designed around ensuring requirement relevance and… continue reading

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