2023 CTRM Sourcebook

Patrick and I have finalised the vendor materials for the 2023 CTRM Sourcebook and have been distributing them to vendors who may wish to list as well as consultancy firms that might like to advertise. Last year’s Sourcebook was downloaded over 500 times and widely distributed. It remains one of the primary tools that buyers use to find solutions and this year, it will have even more value as it will include risk management for commodities as a separate section. So, you can find CTRM, CM and Risk Management solutions with the Sourcebook. Last year’s book is a free download here.  If you are interested in listing and/or advertising and haven’t heard from us, please do reach out and request the materials… Sourcebook is one of the many, free and invaluable tools offer by Commodity Technology Advisory LLC, the leading analysts in the CTRM software space. Another good resource is our latest book –CTRM Software – An Analyst View of a Dynamic Software Market. The book is the result of our combined 80+ years of experience in working with CTRM software, buyers, investors and vendors.  

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