Amphora EMag Presentation Fuels Demand

Amphora has been busy recently producing an EMag about its Symphony software. It even asked me to participate in the project as an industry analyst. The result can be viewed here and is a mixture of text, video and graphic content regarding the software and the vendor with commentary from Amphora, users, and myself. It’s an innovative way to go to market with your story and well worthy of a look – especially if you are interested in Amphora and its software. As David says in the presentation, “Symphony has undergone a transformation, markedly improving in functionality and user experience. This evolution is a testament to Amphora’s commitment to delivering a stable, proven, and richly functional solution to a growing and diverse clientele, ranging from small teams to large enterprises.” The Emag looks at Amphora the company, Symphony the product and covers technology, architecture, implementation and support and more with users often explaining how they use the software and how they see the key benefits. Overall, its quite a piece of work and a good strategy to help promote Amphora and its software products we believe. David Glasspool tells me that he and Amphora are remarkably busy and that there… continue reading