Conversation with Lee Priest, Leading Brady’s Scheduling Product Direction

Lee Priest is the product manager for Brady’s PowerDesk Scheduler and PowerDesk Balancer products. His role is to make sure that Brady is building the right functionality and to solve any issues that users might have, he told me, and he appears to relish it. With a strong background in power and gas operations and dispatch, he has been in the Brady role for the last 18-months or so. What he sees as different about the Brady solutions to competing products is market coverage, he told me. “PowerDesk Scheduler and Balancer solutions support scheduling power trades and cross-border flows across 30+ markets in Europe.” The PowerDesk Scheduler solution creates TSO-specific formats across Europe for trades and cross-border flows and allows users to schedule movements with the TSO and see whether they are accepted via two-way communication with TSO. Any issues with schedules can be viewed and fixed by the user. The PowerDesk Balancer product sits on top of this solution for some customers providing real-time visualisation of market balances comprising trades, forecasts, and flows. “Users can see capacities, balances in various markets so as to plan their flows and then schedule them,” he said. “I believe that Brady is well… continue reading