A Day in Frankfurt at the Visotech Algo-Trading Innovation Hub

I just stepped in the door back from a day trip to Frankfurt where yesterday, I attended the Algo-Trading Innovation Hub hosted by Visotech attended by around 80 or so industry attendees. It was hot and humid day punctuated by periodic thunderstorms, but that did not detract from a really interesting agenda. Nor did the weather cause me any travel delays as I had chosen to take the overnight sleeper train service in both directions. In the end, I feel this was a bit of a mistake on my part as due to the heat and constant start/stop of the train, I got little sleep the night before arriving at 5:20am, well in advance of the event start time. The train back was 90-minutes late, so I stood on Frankfurt South train station from midnight to almost 2am waiting for the return train…. but that’s another story! The day started with an overview of the past, present and future of automated trading offered by Visotech co-founder Jurgen Meyerhofer. In essence, this was the story of Visotech in many ways with expectations of future growth in automated trading in European markets. The Advisory House then continued talking about its market study… continue reading
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